Sunday, March 12, 2006

Millions of Snow!

American Gothic

The snow started last night as Scott and I drove back from seeing The Weather Man (ironic, no?)(Excellent film, by the way.), and it hasn't stopped since. Up here on the hill we've got a good foot and a half or more. It's great! Like a child, I dragged Scott out of bed and out the door to play.

Snowman Pensive angle

That shadow in the corner of each picture isn't me being a moron and covering the flash with my thumb. It's proof that my camera has more or less bitten the dust - the shutter doesn't open the whole way anymore.

Ok, and lest you think Scotland is actually that bright, here's a picture not revitalised:
No sunshine in Scotland

So anyway, church was cancelled, which is good for two reasons: 1) We got to play in the unadulterated snow before the neighbourhood kids destroyed it and 2) We bought the wrong kind of magnetic tape for the Sunday School craft.

Since we don't let the cats outside and they seemed fascinated by the strange scenery through the window, we decided to bring the snow to them. They couldn't have gone in it anyway, considering it would have engulfed them. So we put snow in a tuperware and set it on the floor for them.

They were utterly terrified.

Remedios shot off like a rocket when she saw it. Right behind the washing machine. Wouldn't come out. Claws out, back raised. Clementine was a little less frightened but still highly dubious. We made a tiny snowball for Clem to play with, which she did cautiously. Finally we put cat treats in the box to coax them into the snow. Clem fell for it. Rem didn't.

'Mmm, treats!' 'Still no.'

We were meant to have lunch with Scott's parents who just arrived back from Spain, but no. Andy (his dad) tried to convince us to walk down the hill. Yeah. Right.

I hope this lasts through the night, thus rendering me unable to get to work. Though I kinda need to go in tomorrow to put Devon's wedding programs on a disk and drop it off at the printers. Because, you know, I do leave in THREE DAYS! So anyway we'll see.


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