Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My American Weekend

Robert and Devon's Wedding Program Design

Even though I am entirely swamped with work right now, I feel I can’t leave my adoring public (yes, you are adoring, yes, yes, you are) without a good, thorough update of my weekend trip to the North American continent! So, in a compromise with you and work, I will write a brief (maybe) summary, including only interesting details. No! In fact, I’ll list the interesting details! That will make a boring summary more readable, right?

1. The programs looked great. [Link of picture to follow]

2. Devon was a beautiful bride.

The Bride of Devon

3. Robert was such a sweet groom (though I can think of one groom who was sweeter!)

4. It was great seeing some old friends, like Heather, Sarah, Zac and Andrew. It was also nice getting to know some of Devon’s friends better, like Kernesha and Nikki. (Sorry, I don’t know how Nikki spells her name.)

Heather and Sarah, bootiful bridesmaids

5. My camera bit the dust. Luckily Zac works at Best Buy, where I bought the camera and its four-year warranty, so he’s gonna see about getting it fixed (or replaced). *Crossed fingers.

Geek Squad

6. I ate Mexican food, Taco Bell (not the same thing as Mexican food), Wendy’s and McDonald’s breakfast. Mmm.

7. I did not get any Dixie Café, however.

8. Mom took me shopping, and I got loads of new stuff. My favourite is the new coat – it’s white with a gold paisley pattern. Love it.

9. I finally got to see RENT! I watched it twice in a row on the plane. I cried like a baby at all the sad parts. I laughed out loud at the funny parts. It was great. A fan of the stage show must go into it understanding there will be changes, and if one does that, one will very much love the movie, too. Can’t wait to buy it.

10. Speaking of all this buying, I also bought the Felicity Season 3 DVDs. I don’t have any of the other seasons, but since I’ve seen all of Season 1 and 2 and only a few Season 3 (and no Season 4), so I decided to start with 3, move onto 4, and then backtrack to 1 and 2. I’ve been watching Felicity non-stop since I got home.

11. Robert’s dad has some awesome art in his house. He gave me and Amanda the grand tour. It was tres cool.

12. It was so good to see my whole family. I miss them. I’m glad my mom, dad, Aunt Phyllis and Aunt Betty Sue are coming to visit in two weeks. I have a splendid fam.

13. Speaking of fam, I totally threw my grandma into hysterics with my wit. Okay, wit may be the wrong word. But I got my hair done while I was at home (and by the way, I love it. My sister-in-law Charity’s sister Christine did it), so when Mamaw arrived, my aunt said, "Go see Lori’s new hair!" and I walked out of the back with this huge Tiny Turner wig on. My grandma took one look at me and burst into uncontrollable giggles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her giggle so much. It made me feel so happy to be able to make her laugh like that. Like I said, I have a fab fam.

14. I called Scott one day, but he couldn’t talk right then because my cats were running around inside the walls. They’d found a hole under the bathtub (how they got under the bathtub we don’t know) which led to the pipes, which they thoroughly enjoyed jumping into. Scott would try to scoot them out from under the tub, when they would jump in the hole, and Scott could hear them running all over the house. I can’t be getting this right. But that’s what he said. So he called me back when he managed to get them out, several scratches later.

15. Scott picked me up at the airport and took me home to a clean kitchen and living room. Too bad I’ve, in two days, destroyed it with my open suitcases I can’t be bothered dragging up the stairs.

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