Thursday, March 02, 2006

This and That

Let me just say, I Flickr. I’m sure there are other good ones out there too, but all I know is that Flickr lets me blog from work, and in doing so, results in a picture for almost every post I make now. That’s gotta be good for the readers, right?

I’m not full of interesting banter today (ha! because I usually am, right?), but heck, that’s never an excuse not to blog, is it?

We studied the Johari Window in COMM1313, so hurray to Ashley for finding this! (Go)

By the way, it’s bleepin’ cold around here. I can’t wait until two weeks from now when I’m lounging in sunny Arkansas, sipping on pina coladas under an umbrella in my bathing suit. (So I like to make my vacations sound more exotic than they are, so what?)

It’s been a muffin-tastic day here at work. Lynne brought me in a massive macaroon muffin this morning for breakfast, and the school nurse just brought in a huge bowl full of mini chocolate muffins (I only took one). I should be saying no, but dang, muffins! I need to be careful because I need to fit into a hot, sexy bridesmaid dress in two weeks, and no one wants to see a gross, podgy muffinface in a strapless after-five, do they?

Look at my cute cats:
Kissy Clem'Let go of me, ho!'
(Like I’ve said before, Clem is a little starlet and Rem really, really hates pictures of herself.)

My tea tastes like dirt. With all the money this school has, you’d think they could afford decent tea. Yet I drink.

On the other hand, Lynne’s off to pick us up some broccoli and cauliflower soup, which is usually excellent. And she’s totally going over to get the soup because the Scotland rugby team is brunching there in the Stand. I’d rather it were the Scotland football team, even though they’re crap, because I’d like to hug Kris Boyd and Chris Burke for being so freaking awesome for Rangers. I’d get a picture, too, to flickr/blog.

*JINXES* My driving test is in three weeks on the 23rd March. I also mailed off my first ever submission (5 poems) to a poetry competition. A year and a half after graduation… yeah, that’s not good. But I’ve done it and I will speak no more about it because I am putting it out of my mind, I am not expecting to win, and the results won’t be acknowledged until June anyway and that’s that. The End. I don’t care. Who cares. Yeah whatever, poems, yeah. I’m not thinking about it anymore. It’s so out of my mind. You win some, you lose some. The End. It’s out of my hands. No big deal. It really doesn’t matter to me. It’s all based on one judge’s opinion anyway. No biggie. I’m so done thinking about it. Yeah. Screw ya’ll.

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