Friday, March 03, 2006

The Zen Room

Smokin' the zen

Michaela and I had a good time yesterday in Glasgow. We took the underground to Tchai Ovna, and because our planets were in alignment with the stars and we had such good karma and all that- the zen room was empty. So we took off our shoes (no shoes in the zen room, you see) and settled into the many pillows covering the floor for an evening of getting-to-know-you and spacey music and awesome zen.

We had a lovely meal. Michaela had the yogi yogi chai and a vegetarian calzone. I was boring and got green jasmine tea. For my meal I intended to get the vegan pumpkin jalfrezi but they were out so I also had the vegetarian calzone. Mmm, aubergines. Afterwards we shared a shiska with Two Apple tobacco.

Michaela takes a hit
Lori takes a hit
For those concerned, like my parents or other family members - I am not a smoker. I do not smoke on a regular basis. I am not addicted. You need not worry. If I die of lung cancer though, blame the guy who walks in front of me EVERY SINGLE MORNING getting off the train who blows early morning disgusting smoke in my face. Cough, cough! Gah, I can't stand that guy!

May I just stop here and say, at the risk of letting my lesbian skeleton out of the closet, that Michaela is absolutely beautiful? She's beautiful. Beware of her zen-powers with a hookah and a yogi chai, fellas.

For those concerned, I am not a lesbian, nor is my skeleton.

Anyway, it was a great, relaxing time, full of great, relaxing hippie music and great, relaxing zen. Though I think the hippies hated us, at least me, because I'm sooo not zen or hookah, and I totally don't have dreads yet, and I kept saying the word 'zen' over and over because it's so awesome and not using the preferred term 'shiska' but instead calling it a 'hookah', and at the end we so nearly destroyed their hookah collection as we tried to pay. They probably didn't hate Michaela though because she used to go there quite often back in the day (like when she lived here the first time) and also because she's beautiful.

We then headed down to a pub where we enjoyed a lot less zen and comfortable seating but the same good conversation (the usual Reformed folk talk inevitably made an appearance). Before we knew it, we were pushing it to make the last trains/buses to our respective Scottish cities/towns. We walked through the creepy 'Kelvin walkway' and made it alive to the subway and hence the night came to a close.


At the risk of saving Michaela's coolness, I won't say exactly what it was that we both discovered we'd both done in high school, but if you're familiar with funny looks that say, "You studied dead people in high school?", you know what it was. Yeah, me and Michaela are both familiar with those looks. My, my, the more you know.

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