Thursday, March 09, 2006

The great thing about being off work for three days (besides the obvious) is that when you come back, you actually have work to do!

Ok, maybe that's just me in my situation. But let me tell you, I felt so for real today having a full load of work to do. It was amazing. I came in at quarter to eight and worked straight through the morning to lunch, went to lunch, worked straight after lunch to an hour before the day was over, at which point I turned my focus to Devon's wedding programs which need to be done in Lori Personal Time, ie work time. (But seriously, I mean, I have to do them at work, I don't have PageMaker at home. And yes, I know I didn't need to use PageMaker to make a 4 page A3 spread, but so what?)

Yeah, so working today was awesome. I'll need to do two-day weeks every week.

Like next week! Monday and Tuesday - then weekend! Yes, folks, Wednesday morning, bright and early, I board a KLM cityhopper to take me all the way to - Amsterdam! Which will then take me all the way to - Memphis, Tennessee! Where I will be met by Devon who will take me all the way to - Cabot! Yes, folks, if you've never been the exciting town of Cabot, Arkansas, you really must go. NOTHING more exciting than The Cabot Family Fun Park, CabotZones, the Silver Screen Theatre (which disappointingly did not manage to get the word 'Cabot' in it) and - hold on for this - WENDY'S! AND A WAL-MART SUPERCENTER. AND A DIXIE CAFE!

(All joking aside, Dixie Cafe f'ing rocks.)

Anyway, I've gotta go eat this takeout curry we just ordered.

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