Saturday, April 01, 2006


I've become obsessed.

Last Christmas (as in 2004) I spotted these cute kokeshi dolls in a wee shop in Gourock and fell in love with them. But they were a bit expensive so I didn't get one at the time. From then on, for about six months, I kept thinking of them and wanting one. So finally, I drove back to Gourock (I know, a whole fifteen minutes) and was overjoyed to see they were still there. I bought Happy Kimono Girl.
Happy Kimono Girl

Scott put a trinket ban on the house sometime after that, and I sighed, fearing she was the last of my kokeshi. But Scott relented last weekend because it was coming up to my birthday (today, by the way!). So he took me back to the shop and bought me Dreaming of Spring, which I finally got to open this morning.
Dreaming of Spring

Thursday morning at work, a package arrived for me. It was from Lynne for my birthday.
Young Sisters

Now, these are all modern Creative Kokeshi. They are all hand-painted, but they are made many at a time. They are beautiful, and I love them for how gorgeous they are. But I'm starting to get kinda serious about these things. I'm currently bidding on three antique kokeshi (well, by antique, one is from the 60s, the other two the era is unknown to the owner, but by the looks of them, they are probably from the 70s or thereabouts). These will most likely also be dolls made several at a time, but they are old and beautiful. If I win them, I will post pictures. But I don't want to share them now, because I don't want any of you to outbid me!

Original kokeshi are the only commodity of its kind. They range up in the big bucks. Currently I'm admiring Elegance, who is $337. In pounds, that's not so bad... if I save up.

So anyway, obsessed. I love these things. Scott offered to take me clothes shopping for my birthday and what did I say? "How about I get a cabinet for my kokeshi, and maybe bid on a few from eBay?" Obsessed.

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