Monday, April 03, 2006

eBay Won and Lost

Well the good news is I won two kokeshi on eBay.

The bad news is I lost one. I'm horrible with eBay. I always forget about bidding until it's too late. I used to have millions of free time sitting around where I could catch the last minutes of an auction and outbid people at the last minute and all that jazz, but not these days. And yes, I know about sniper tools, but I just think they're unethical. And yes, I know it's likely the same unethical sniper tools that steal my items right from under my nose over and over, but still, it seems so wrong. So anyway I lost a doll that was very cute - a girl holding a baby, made somewhere around '71. But oh well, I'm very pleased with the ones I won!

**For all who are interested, I had a very good birthday. I didn't have a party or anything, but I got a group together at the pub for a smoke-free dinner, and it was marvelous. I'm starting to realise I actually do have friends! Thanks a lot, guys, you made my birthday really great.

**Now, bring on the parents and aunts who arrive in Glasgow tomorrow morning!

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