Thursday, June 02, 2005


It seems that everyone in my blogosphere is experiencing a bit of blog-ethargy lately. I for one have certainly been blethargic. I've actually been quite busy at work, which is why I haven't posted since last week. It is also my excuse for not having yet posted the Unbelievable Cheek Award Nominations. Scott, however, has no excuse, as he is off work today. But granted, he's probably spending quality time with his brother who has finally returned after his galavant in America. And he better be completing the items on the To Do list I made for him yesterday.

At any rate, I have nothing to say now, either, as I have to stay crackin' on my work. I don't get it. Two months goes by and I have NOTHING to do, and then the one week of the term that I am choc-a-bloc with work, people decide now would be a good time to ask for things "before you leave on your holiday". Right. I leave Tuesday. It's Thursday. You ain't getting it before I leave on holiday. Try giving me some warning beforehand next time.

My only friend at work by the way may be leaving in ten days. I'm crossing my fingers that he stays. Who would I eat lunch with if he leaves? I don't want to go back to being the dorky girl who eats alone in the cafeteria.

And I leave for Canada on Tuesday (as aforementioned) so you probably won't be getting much updating out of us for a week, though I promise pictures for when I return. In the meantime you can come by and vote on the Unbelievable Cheek Awards.

In closing, congratulations to the Motters who are now currently humping it up as a married couple.

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