Monday, June 27, 2005

A Blog Buffet

Not that I have anything of worth to say at the present time, but I never like to leave the ole blog too long before updating. Don't wanna lose our vast number of readers. (Heh.)

A couple things:
1. Tonight we plan to fix the broken links above. Hopefully it will all be fixed by the time we go to bed tonight. I'm also gonna move the poll back to the main page because its more fun there. It'll probably be underneath the little side bar over there <--. And if I have the time/energy, I'll post some pictures.
2. I still haven't posted the Cheek Award nominations. I think that means I'm unreliable and shouldn't have contests because I'm too lazy to post the results. But it's not forgotten and I hope that when I do post them, you will vote on them to name the Second-to-Last House in Greenock's Cheekiest Person Ever.

Nextly, we'd like to you head on over to a new blog that is forming, Shmorgishblog®. It will sort-of be utter crap. We hope you enjoy it. (If you'd like to join Shmorgishblog® please leave us an email, and we'll send you an invite.) What is it, you ask? We're asking the same question.

Lots of faith is needed on the McF front. We're waiting on some money to come through with which to purchase our plane tix for our upcoming (quickly upcoming) trip to the USA. We are meant to leave in three weeks. The money should come in in the next two. We (ok, just I) need faith that the money will come in on time, and that when it does, there will still be tickets available for purchase. Scott's not worried. I am.

We're going to see Sigor Ros this weekend. I've never listened to them much, but they are beautiful, and I look forward to seeing them. Scott's got several albums I ought to listen to before Friday.

Politics savvy me thinks the US should not ban flag-burning.

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