Monday, June 20, 2005

Family Time

I've been missing my family something awful lately - the noise, the commotion, the arguments, the sheer number of bodies cramming into small spaces.

This weekend I finally got some of that back. With my new family.

The McFarlane clan, the whole lot of us, went down to Annan to visit Scott's aunts family. With Pete back from America and Kate up from England, it was mayhem - beautiful mayhem! All crammed into the living room, teasing each other, laughing, playing the guitar, drinking tea, it felt like home.

I had already met Scott's aunt and his two cousins, Amy and Alex, but this was the first time I'd spent a lot of time with them. Amy is the girl I wanted to be in high school. She's fourteen, going on fifteen, and she's mega stylish. She has cute hair, cute clothes and great style. Alex is the boy I would've totally had a crush on when I was twelve. He's cute and cheeky, with spikey blond-tipped hair (but unfortunately supports Celtic). I absolutely fell in love with my new cousins this weekend.

I also met Scott's other cousin, Tracey (Tracy? Tracie? Don't know how she spells it), and she's also very very cool. I think we're the same age, but she's far beyond me in coolness. She's an amazing hair stylist, one of the best in Britain (no, really), and she's funny and beautiful. I fell in love with her, too.

I like that my new Scottish family is growing again. It got so small for awhile, just being me and Scott and his parents. Now Pete's lady will be here tomorrow and Kate is engaged and I've met Tracey and I love Amy and Alex... I love family.

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