Friday, June 17, 2005

All Together Now...

Take a deep breath of relief with me.


The newsletter is done. Well, donish. I have put the "final" copy onto disk and am awaiting the printer's representative's arrival to give it to him. The printers will make a proof copy of the newsletter, send it to the school for proofing, I will make the relevant changes (hopefully there will be few) and off the proof goes to print! Thousands of little booklets designed by me will be returned to the school to be passed out to pupils, parents and former pupils (many of whom are "distinguished"). I'm totally relieved and totally scared. What if they get the proof copy and it's all wrong? What if the printer calls and tells me I did the "linking" incorrectly? Let's remember I had to teach myself Adobe PageMaker completely from scratch only three months ago, and I don't actually know that I've used it right. Oh gosh, I'm getting nervous.

Oh well, it's done and it's off to print and there we go.

Oh and in exciting news, no one edited out my paragraph about the major Conservative party sway amongst the ritzy pupils of The High School of Glasgow. YESSSSS. The good stuff survived!

We will blog about our Canada trip soon (maybe), and I apologise now for I realised in Canada I had left without posting the "Unbelievable Cheek" nominees. I will do that this weekend (maybe).

No one reads our blog anymore. We're dead boring.

Gwen Stefani's solo album is mega kick-a. Buy it.

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