Friday, June 03, 2005

Owww: Complain Post

I feel awful. I feel a serious sore throat coming on - my esophagus feels about three times larger than it did this morning - and my head is pounding. My shoulders and neck are insanely stiff (I believe this to be the remnant of my work-out and gardening pain) and my nose is beginning to run.


... I think that's the end of my complaint.

I had a delightful lunch. The school has a professional chef who makes healthy lunch food (part of Britain's campaign for healthier school lunches) and the meals are £1.70 EACH! Now when I say meals, I ain't talkin' 'bout no chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and pull-apart bread. No. I'm talking steak and onions with all the veg. I'm talking chicken with lemon butter, veg and potatoes. I'm talking LOBSTER. Yes. Oh yes, you heard me. LOBSTER. For a £1.70.

It's taken me a few months to fully realise the wonderful opportunities at my fingertips right across the parking lot at the stand. Today, however, I'm changed forever. I am hooked on school food. If my friend stays on, it's the stand for lunch, and I ain't takin' no for an answer. (Heck, if he doesn't stay on, I'll still go to the stand for lunch, but I'll be a lonely administrative staff member among a pool of teachers, which would be awkward.) They have lovely desserts, too. Today was bread pudding, but I forewent it in order to have homemade macaroni and cheese which I can't make for myself since Scott won't eat it. Chicken, green beans (which aren't very popular here, so it seems as Jamie had to ask me what they were.), broccoli, cawliflower and for me, mac, for everyone else, roast potatoes.


The bro-in-law is back, and I'm very happy. I always liked Pete, even when I didn't like Scott. Sure he was pairing off, too, with one of my girls*, but I liked him anyway. It's good to have him back. I'm actually a little excited about having his... erm... lady friend (what am I supposed to call her?) Rebekkah here. I hope she actually comes. Since my first sister-in-law left, I've been lonely for a new one. I'm getting a new one this summer, but she's in America so she's not fulfilling my lifelong desire to have a sister either, so my hopes are now in Rebekkah. High hopes. Don't dash them, woman.

Crap, my nose is officially running now. Perfect timing, thanks. I go on a plane in just four days. My headache is splitting. My eyes are watering. I need to go home. I wonder if anyone would object to my leaving 45 minutes early? Or should I just stay.... Knowing me, I'll just stay. Bleh. What does it matter? I still have an hour and thirty minutes of travel left after I leave anyway. What difference does 45 minutes make?


*"My girls refers" refers to the girls on my TMI team four years or so ago when I came to Scotland for the first time. "Pairing off" refers to the rule that during the course of the summer, there should be no coupling of members of either the same sex or the opposite, no matter how innocent it may be. The goal is to have unity amongst the team members so that no one will feel left out, and no dating should occur in order that each member would be able to focus more absolutely on Jesus and the ministry they are a part of. The Scottish boys are notorious for picking American/Canadian girls from TMI and pairing off with them. Enter Scott and my original disdain for the hooligan. Enter Pete, etc.

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