Wednesday, June 22, 2005

FREAK-OUT of the Day

Background: We received the proof copy of the newsletter. It looked good. However, some of the information was wrong (not my fault, but the fault of those who gave me the information) so quite a bit had to be changed from the proof. I decided to quickly update the file and reburn onto CD to give to the printers.

11:50- Received changes requested by Rector
12:30- Changes completed
12:35- Called Printers, arranged for disc pick-up at 1:15
12:39- Deleted original file on shared drive to replace with new file
12:40- Opened My Documents to copy new file over
12:40- New file missing
12:41- Opened PageMaker to easily locate file
12:41- Error Message: File cannot be located
12:41- Panicked
12:42- Realised I'd been using and editing the file saved on shared drive instead of file in My Documents. Realised I just deleted said file from shared drive.
12:45- Proclaimed loudly my love for Recycle Bin
12:45- Opened Recycle Bin
12:46- File not in Recycle Bin
12:48- Realised shared drive doesn't save deleted items in Recycle Bin
12:48- Panicked more, broke into sweat, started shaking.
12:50- Thought rationally; took an old version of the layout, checked for errors and continuity. Copied newsletter text from Word document, which had been kept up to date straight through changes made at 12:30. Pasted into old layout. Made appropriate changes to style and spacing. Saved after every change.
1:07- Placed newly created file into shared drive. Saved copy in My Documents.
1:08- Called IT department to request items be burned to CD. IT department empty.
1:09- Called IT director's mobile. Discovered he had not left for lunch. Arranged for burn.
1:10- Ran upstairs to pick up CD. [Never checked to see if it worked, by the way...]
1:15- Came back to office.
1:17- Printers arrive. Disc handed over.
1:17- Crisis averted.

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