Saturday, May 28, 2005

I've told Scott to post, but he hasn't done it.

What a week.

Friday I was the only person at work, there mainly to answer the phone. (It was a local holiday.) I had to sit in the General Office, so I was at someone else's desk. The internet was down. The tea kettle was broken. I was bored to tears. The guy who's computer I was on didn't even have any personal documents on his computer for me to illicitly browse. The day went by, not a single phone call. I mean, what was the point of me being there? I got about half of Love in the Time of Cholera read on Friday. At about 15 minutes to the time I was to leave, said guy who's computer I was using called the janitor's mobile to tell him that he forgot to tell me I had to push a button on the phone in order to get calls through.

Scott and I bought Scott's suit today for the wedding we are going to in just a week in Canada. Scott was as tense as a puppy in a car. We walked into the mens store, and he sternly warned him to leave him be while he looked around. He proceeded to be a total nervous-butt the entire time. He finally told me I could start looking around with him, but everytime I suggested something, he got tense with me again. The man hates to shop. Finally he had the good sense to allow a salesman to help him, and me and Scott's mum took off to look at cuff-links. Scott chose a very nice single-breasted black suit. He looks like a movie star in it. I was gushing (from far off, of course, so as not to frustrate him).

My brother-in-law Pete is coming back from America on Wednesday.

I'm homesick. Still.

Ingrid and David are getting married in about an hour. Which is weird because it's almost midnight here. While Scott and I sleep soundly, they'll be reciting their nuptials. They'll be partying. Time differences are disturbing.

We have Monday off. Bank holiday. Hurray for Scotland and bank holidays.

We saw The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy. It's bizarre and fun. I recommend.

We went to rent Return of the Jedi tonight to finish our Star Wars marathon, but it was hired out. Then we found DVDs for sale for £2.96 so we bought three: Donnie Darko, Being John Malcavich and the original Alfie. What a deal.

I made tacos for dinner.

Scott and I are really and truly in love.

Life is generally good.

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