Friday, May 13, 2005

Nurse for the Day

Practically the entire staff is off today for some reason or another, and the last five of us are left to take care of everything. I've been made "School Secretary" today, taking care of absentees and children signing in as well as teachers needing various letters, etc. But the big thing is I've been made nurse when the nurse isn't about. She was away this morning for a funeral and now this afternoon she's nowhere to be found. I've dealt with dizzy children, busted fingernails, sprained wrists, jammed fingers, and a bloody lip. And by dealt with I mean stood there and looked sympathetic. I tried to apply a plaster (band-aid) to the boy with the busted nail (which looked bloody awful, yes, pun) but I couldn't find the appropriate sized/shaped plaster so I applied a rather large square one to his poor finger, probably causing more pain than he originally felt but all the while talking sympathetically and lovingly and apologising for not being very nurse-like. I ordered the dizzy girl to lie down on one of the beds for a while and suggested that the girl with the busted lip rinse her mouth out with cold water to clean it and numb it and hopefully stop the bleeding. I found ice packs and wrapped them up in paper towels and administered them to the jammed finger and sprained wrist after first verifying they weren't broken. And by verify I mean ask if they think it's broken and comment that it didn't look very swollen and tell them to come back in a little while to see if the nurse had returned.

And to be fair, another teacher was helping me when the sprains and jams came in and did most of the "verifying".

I've asked to be registered for the First Aid Certification that the school does in September.

And I really want to be a teacher.

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