Friday, May 20, 2005

I'd like to place a Collect call, please....

I used to say that I wish we as humans were allowed three toll-free phone calls a year to ask God anything we wanted. We'd have to be careful to choose our questions wisely as you'd only get three. And of course God would have the sovereign right to either answer or not answer our questions so if we were to ask them, we'd be wise to not ask questions like, "When will the rapture occur?" because we already know He isn't going to answer that.

If we really had these hypothetical toll-free questions (which of course we don't and its completely ridiculous really to wish for it), today I think I'd ask God, "What is Hebrews 6 talking about?"

It's the same ol' argument as always over at CGR Theology, whether or not all saints will persevere to the end or if some may be able to reject their salvation (the former being a doctrine popularly known as "once saved always saved" but among the Reformed labeled "perseverence of the saints" due to the confusing connotations to the OSAS concept). I am convinced by the vast Biblical witness that God's grace not only saves us but keeps us eternally. Scripture after Scripture supports this, as does basic reasoning (afterall, if we can do nothing to earn our salvation, what could we possibly do to reject it? Is any aspect of our salvation dependent upon us at all? I'd answer with a resounding No.) But Hebrews 6 throws me for a loop. Many alternate interpretations exist which would cause this particular passage to remain consistent with all other Scriptures. But today, if I had the option of a toll-free call to God, I'd ask Him to explain this passage. It's very mind-boggling.

Or maybe I'd just get straight to the heart of the matter and ask if it is possible for one who has been regenerated to ever leave the fold of God. (Again, I cannot see how. When a sheep goes astray, doesn't the shepherd leave the entire flock to go redeem his one renegade?)

This is my thought for the day. Pretty irrelevant to anyone reading who doesn't believe in Christianity at all, but extremely relevant to those who do.

By the way, I'm gonna steal an idea off of an internet friend (whom we invited to our wedding, but who did NOT attend *wink) Nate a.k.a. Than. If you are a lurker (particularly a consistent lurker) leave a comment and make your presence known! I gathered up my guts and left a comment on Nate's blog, revealing my presence. I now ask our lurkers to do the same. If any lurkers even exist anyway. *Prepares to be disappointed by the vast lack of interest in our humble second-to-last house in Greenock.*

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