Monday, October 19, 2015

That Balance Thingy

That balance thingy? I'm still trying to find it.

 So for ODP Day 19, this is what you get:

Gorgeous, I know.  Hair au naturale, a blue plaid blazer, The Dress, grey leggings, lacy white stocks and black slip-ons. Why the long face? Well, read on.

This morning was a classic Monday where no one could get ready in time, I didn't have the kids' uniforms washed (should probably do that now), nothing was in the fridge for lunches, and I didn't have time to fix my hair or make any effort with my dress.

But to balance out the morning, I had a good productive day at work. I got a lot accomplished I've been meaning to do and felt pretty confident by the end of the day.

But then I got home, and I turned the bath hot water on to run my dirt-caked three year old a bath, and hundreds of ants swarmed out of the knob and all over the bath. I freaked out. I wanted to both cry and move out immediately.

But to balance it out, I had dinner all ready to just pop in the oven, no prep. Well, I didn't have dinner ready per se; I decided on Sunday while at Sam's Club that in this effort to find what things can be let go and simplified, one of the things could be dinner. They do several fresh pre-prepared meals that just need to go in the oven, so I bought four for this week. Tonight's was a meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  I just threw it in the oven when I got home, and we ate 45 minutes later. And it was DELISH, I must say.

But then we then put the kids to bed, and I went to the gym to run on the treadmill for half an hour. Balance. I ran two miles in thirty minutes, which I know isn't that fast for runners, but it's fast for a non-runner like me. I went to the gym thinking maybe I'd go to the Yoga class, but I really wanted some cardio.  It felt good, really good.

Balance.  Ahh, it feels good when you strike it.

Now, it's been six days since I've posted my ODP pictures. This is one area I have not been very good in. Even getting the pictures taken is a hardship.  But here we go.

Day 18 - The Dress For Sunday is not pictured. Why? Because I had it on with a cute grey and pink scarf, a navy sailor blazer and a pair of jeans. Then I poured frappucino all over it. And literally, I mean all over it. I had one of those bottles of cold mocha drinks, which I like to shake up before every drink. Except I hadn't put the lid on all the way, so when I shook it, the lid flew off and cold mochaccino went all over my dress, my hair, my bed, and my wall.

Balance.  Losing it.

Day 17 - I wore The Dress to a fundraiser for a charity called Hearts & Hooves. They were hosting a polo match, and my good civic volunteer duty was to pin flowers on the VIP guests.  I'm not sure if eating the VIPs' food and drinking their champagne and watching a polo match in between pinning flowers on fancy lapels is going to win me an enormous number of good karma points, but I was there and tried to be helpful. My good friend from high school Liz organized the event, and my other good friend Devon and I were there as volunteers.  Here we are sipping champagne during the divot stomp.

I wore The Dress with my grey blazer, a colorful scarf, black trousers and fuchsia shoes.

Day 16 - Friday Jeans Day at work. I wore The Dress pretty much entirely covered up by tucking it into jeans and covering it with a t-shirt. Shrug. Whatevs. Friday. Jeans Day.

Day 15 - Not a favorite by any means. Gold velour blazer, brown belt, brown boots. The Dress. Mid-month rut. Happens every year.

Day 14 - Also not my favorite. Mustard sweater over The Dress, pink, burgundy, and purple infinity scarf, burgundy frilly socks, and brown ankle boots. Oh, and my camera isn't working properly. Which is why I'm back to phone pictures. This year is such a far cry from last year's backyard, tripod, pretendingtobeartistic shots.

And Day 13 - A bit cuter. Just The Dress with white tights, fuchsia shoes, fuchsia scarf, and my favorite earrings.

I am on the home stretch.  Looking forward to "balancing" out my wardrobe a little better and not wearing the samedamndress every day.


  1. I'm the issue balancing your life or your wardrobe? ;o)

  2. What's one without the other?!


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