Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October Dress Project: The End Times

Dear friends,

Here's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

I quit.

I'm not typically a quitter. No, I'm far too obsessive, protectionist, and competitive to quit.  I will usually persevere through all manners of personal inconvenience just to prove a point (usually to literally no one who cares).  Like last year when I cooked with pumpkin every day of November. It drove everyone in my house mad, but dammit, I FINISHED THE PUMPKINPALOOZA CHALLENGE.

But this year I'm going to be all about balance, and you know what needs to go? Perfectionism.

At work we're doing a "Stress-Less Challenge". From the get-go, I was like, "YES, I'M GOING TO GET ALL THE POINTS!!!!!!!!" And then two days into it, stressed from trying to fit in 30 minutes of exercise every evening after the kids went to bed while exhausted and thinking of all the other gazillion things I needed to do, I realized this wasn't really achieving the intended "stress-less" affect. I didn't give up - I just gave in.  I'll get SOME points by the end of the challenge, just not all. I feel like a bit of a failure, yes. But I'll stress less, and isn't that the real point?

Regarding ODP though, I just flat out quit. It's the home stretch, I'm nearly there, but I quit.

Monday, Day 26, was the start of "Employee Appreciation Week" at work, which involves JEANS DAYS ALL WEEK. Y'all, there are only so many ways to wear The Dress with jeans, and there are only so many days I'm allowed to wear jeans to work, and one of the benefits of Jeans Days is t-shirts, not dresses tucked in. I tried wearing a t-shirt over The Dress tucked into trousers* on Monday. It was okay, yet I just wasn't feeling it. So you know what? I bloody well quit.

*Trousers, not jeans, because I had an external meeting** that day. External meetings trump Jeans Day every sad time.

**The external meeting got cancelled. Lost my Jeans Day for nowt.

Day 25 is not pictured. It was a dark and stormy day, and I wore The Sunday Dress in the least interesting way possible - over jeans, under a warm hoodie with fluffy socks. It wasn't worth photographing, even on my crappy camera phone.

Day 24 I did not wear The Dress. It was Saturday, and I was busy. I just never put it on. Hashtag SorryNotSorry.

Day 23 I did wear The Dress, but it was literally exactly how I'd worn it the day before, with furry black boots and a scarf. The only difference was a pair of jeans underneath. In fact...

Just imagine Day 22 with a pair of skinny jeans and that was Day 23.  

Day 21 was possibly one of my favorite days. I loved the red trousers and the red scarf with The Dress tucked in.  

Day 20 was also kind of cute.  Wore The Dress under an A-line skirt I bought at Tesco a millennia ago, a black infinity scarf and black flats.

Wanna hear a funny story? After a month of crappy camera phone pictures because my real camera wouldn't work, my real camera started working again.

I'm sorry, ODPers, for my lack of enthusiasm and sticktoitiveness this year. It's been a helluva few months. I might possibly be ready by next October. ODP16!

With love,
A Winner Who Let Herself Quit Just This Once

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