Tuesday, October 06, 2015

ODP Days: Fifty Shades of Gray...

I've got to locate my actual camera.  All my phone photos so far have looked like this:

And then when I tell my seven-year-old child to take the picture without moving, she takes about three minutes to finally click, and I look like this:

Today I wore The Dress with a pink and red infinity scarf and a dark red belt. I wore black leggings and black shoes. My hair was in a bun.

Yesterday, I wore The Dress with a gray blazer and brown suede furry boots, with  my hair down and a black rosy headband.

I'm starting to feel the gray getting to me. It's getting a little depressing. I need some color. I need to raid my closet for something super bright to wear with The Dress tomorrow. I did order the cutest greenest shoes ever, but when they arrived they were too small. Sad days. I hope I can return them. I think they may have come from China. (Thanks, Amazon.)

Today the skies were blue, but me and The Dress were feeling awfully gray.

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