Sunday, October 04, 2015

One Dress for Weekdays and One for Sunday

Avery, the creator of the October Dress Project, was inspired by her grandpa who once said "that in his day girls wore 'one dress for weekdays and one dress for Sunday'".  This year, my dress is made of 100% cotton, and I'm afraid to dry it in the dryer, lest it shrink. So I washed it last night and hung it up this morning, thinking it would be dry by the time I left to go anywhere.

But by lunch time, it was still wet, and I had promised the kids and their friend who had spent the night that we'd go out to eat.  I remembered Avery's grandfather's original comment - one dress for weekdays and one for Sunday - and decided this year I'd allow myself that option too. So I've got my gray dress for weekdays, and my tan dress for Sundays.

Yesterday was a laid back, bum around Saturday, full of errands and chores, so I simply wore The Dress tied up on the side over a pair of black workout capris and black flats. It was actually a little chilly by the evening, so I added a black cardigan for our campfire and cookout we had in the backyard with Fifi and Lolly's friend E-. 

Today I wore The Sunday Dress with brown leggings, brown flats and a gray blazer.  

I like having a Sunday Dress.  

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