Monday, December 29, 2014

Elf Returns to the (Back Cupboard) Shelf

Our last days of Banoffee Pie. Incidentally, Jaguar's newest word: Pie.

Day 23
Banoffee got out his dry erase marker and gave everyone red Rudolph noses all along the hall.

Day 24
Christmas Eve. The plan was to have pancakes premade in the shape of snowflakes (my mom got me a snowflake iron skillet), but I had come down with a stomach virus, so Scott - I mean Banoffee - set out the ingredients for pancakes to be made in the morning, which Scott did because he is the Pancake King.

Day 25
Christmas! Banoffee got a present from Santa.

Day 26
Banoffee, sporting his new shirt from Santa, packs to leave. (However, he is actually still on the shelf because I keep forgetting to pack him away. The kids think this is hilarious that he won't leave.)

He'll go eventually, when I get around to it. The rest of the christmas decorations are down and put away, except the Christmas wreaths and Banoffee. Maybe today. Luckily, neither of my daughters actually believe Banoffee is real, so there is no magic being lost. And the elf is proving to be a helpful potty-training device; Baby Jaguar is much more likely to sit on the potty if I let him hold "Pie" in his lap while he goes.

Poor elf.

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