Tuesday, December 09, 2014

An Elf Update

Day 6:

The day I forgot the elf, and Fifi woke up disappointed and asked if she could go back to bed for a few minutes while I did something with him. (Luckily I kept last year's paper chain.)

Day 7:

The treasure hunt with *clues. Banoffee's gift of Elf on the Shelf pjs for the kids.

Day 8:

Instead of cleaning up Baby Jaguar's toys...

Day 9:

Too tired to think of anything else after a long day at the hospital with Fifi. Cue cliff hanger. (Spoiler: She's okay.)

* Christmas Indoor Treasure Hunt Clues updated from last year:

Before you do anything,
Go check your Advent letter.
I have a wee surprise for you
Run along now, friends, you better!
Banoffee Pie

Follow this clue to a very cold place,
where ice cubes and Popsicles fill up the space.
Go into the kitchen to solve this brain-teaser,
and open the door to the family’s _______.

Follow this clue to a very dark spot
Where bedding and linen and towels may be got
Go to mum’s bathroom (go there yourself)
The clue will be hidden up high on a ______.

When you're feeling less than fresh
or you want to have a laugh,
you wash and get all squeaky clean
inside a warm bubble _________.

Dora and Frozen, Spiderman too-
These are what kids like to see.
But Gilmore Girls, Scrubs and That 70’s Show
are what Mummy likes to watch on ________.

At breakfast and dinner
and lunch when we are able,
we set out the dishes and food
and we gather around the kitchen ________.

Our clothes just keep getting dirty
and we put them here to get them clean.
We like to take turns pouring in the soap
and pushing the buttons on the washing _______.

Up and down, and up and down
you climb these every day.
You've likely seen the clue on these,
but passed it anyway.

All year long these belong outside
But at Christmas you will often see
Families all over bringing just one inside
And putting decorations all over this ______.

When Mum needs a break,
You’d best not refute her --
A few moments to blog
and check up on Facebook,
She needs to play around on her __________!

This room is where your dad likes to sleep
Tiptoe very quietly in.
If you’re the first, you’ll hear the words,
“Congratulations… YOU WIN!”


Be the first back to the room
where this hunt did begin
If you're the first you'll hear the words,
"Congrats, to you... YOU WIN!"

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