Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DeBloAdMo and Elf Somewhat Weekly Update

I have failed DeBloAdMo this year (December Blog Advent Month). Mostly because I have failed advent this year. Half of the things the children have pulled out of the advent calendar have gone undone. But we've visited a lot of Santas!

Town Christmas Festival Santa:

Pampered Chef Christmas Party Santa (and Mrs Claus):

Elementary School "Game Night with Santa" Santa:

And we saw some pretty lights at the drive-through lights display.

Banoffee Pie has been hanging around a lot too. I have now forgotten about him three times... Mum of the Year. Fortunately, Fifi always comes to the rescue. Yesterday morning, she saved my bum by having Banoffee knocked over by an avalanche of lemons. Sadly, I never got to see this before Daddy cleaned it up (it was my lie-in day). I'll have to ask her to recreate the scene for a photo.

Besides that little slip, we have found Banoffee doing the following things:

Baking Cookies (Day 10):

Playing a Strange and Kind Of Disturbing Game of Hide-And-Seek - Care of Fifi (Day 11):

Baking Again (Day 12):

Making Chalk Announcements About Birthday Parties - A post for tomorrow perhaps? (Day 13):

Reading the Sunday Paper (Day 15):

And Stealing the Last Powdered Donut - Luckily there's another bag! (Day 16 - tomorrow):

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