Thursday, June 05, 2014

New Tattoos: Aheb = Love!

Last night I had a fun girlie night with my BFF Devon. Devon's one of those friends from high school that all through college and my years in Scotland, even though we didn't keep in touch directly, we could always pick right back up where we left off each time we got back together as if no time had passed at all.

We started out meeting at the gym where we went to a PiYo (Pilates/Yoga) class. I know that maybe doesn't sound like a typical 'girlie night out' thing to do, but we both like to work out, so it was fun! We followed that by a trip to Coco's, a Mexican restaurant and one of the only places in this county where you can get alcohol with your meal. I got a delicious strawberry margarita with my beef burrito.

And then...

We went and got my tattoo. :D

This apparently was Devon's first time in a tattoo parlour, let alone first time to see someone get a tattoo. When we arrived, she recognized the tattooist as a guy we went to high school with. Even upon arrival I hadn't totally decided which tattoo I was going to get, or where. I was wavering between:

this  or this.  

And I couldn't decide if I wanted it on my upper forearm, middle forearm or wrist. Then Devon came up with a different idea altogether.

I'd never considered my neck before, because I already have one on my back and thought it might look too stacked. But the size difference and the space between actually didn't bother me... I really liked it! I also decided on the second tattoo, because it was the one I've been planning on for years, and it's by the same artist as my other two tattoos and according to Devon, it looked more Arabic than the other (even though both are Arabic calligraphy designs for the same word, "love" or الحب).  The other one would've been fun, because it's the same one my dear friend Carol in Abu Dhabi has on her foot (that we were going to go get done together but never worked out), but I'm glad I chose the one I did.

Excited! In gym clothes!

Nervous! In a tattoo chair!

Deep breathing!

It didn't hurt nearly as bad as I remembered my other two hurting.
Possibly my pain threshold increased after childbirth?

Fresh tattoo. And frizzy workout  hair.

I love it! Or I could say 'ana uheb dhlekah' - I love it!

أنا أحب ذلك

(I also want to go back to University and study Arabic again. Can I, Scott, please please please?)

It was a fun girlie night. And now that I have my little series complete, I'm free to get anything I want tattooed next.  Yes, I'm afraid the three-tattoo rule is true; after your third, you just can't stop! Got two more in mind already, possibly three.  Just don't know where on my body they should go.


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