Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spray Painting and a "Shelfie"

Fifirst of all, I stole the word and concept "shelfie" from a Chris Gavin, because I think "shelfies" are going to be the next big thing, and I am determined to help Chris make it a thing and get him an article on Wikipedia.

Secondly, I am very excited to show that we have accumulated enough books to half-fill an actual (small) bookshelf!! This is big. If you've been following our story, you will likely know that we had to give away almost all of our books when we moved. And we had lots and lots of books. We both love to read, so this was pretty much the saddest part of moving, except for the people we had to leave. So actually having a little bookshelf makes me very happy, even if we don't have enough books to fill it up yet.

Some of our old books

My lovely friend and neighbor Amy gave us this little old bookshelf, which I've put in our living room behind my trusy rocking chair. I want to paint it, but here's the question: Do I paint it a fun color or a normal color?

I bought two spray paint colors, pink and brown. Pink was for my desk chair. Brown was for the shelf.

I personally prefer Rust-oleum to Krylon.

I just want to cuddle it, it's so cute!

But after painting this chair and loving the bubble gum pink color so much, I'm wondering, should I do the shelf pink too? It would match the bright chair cushions...

However, the rest of the furniture in the living room are brown, so I should probably keep it matchy, shouldn't I?

Anyway, I have a bookshelf. I'm happy. I shall continue my quest to fill it.


  1. I'm loving that you have Harry Potter books on your new bookcase :) i should show u my Harry Potter shelf �� You may get Potter envy haha.

    I say, go for the colour that makes you happy.

    1. Please please post your Harry Potter Shelfie!!


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