Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hashtag TBT

It's embarrassingly been a whole week since I blogged last, and even though I've *thought* about blogging many times, I just, well, haven't.

So it's Thursday, and I'm insisting to myself that I post something, so it's another lame "hashtage TBT" day. Throwback Thursday.

(These are the photos I tried to scan in last week.)

Going way back, this is a picture of all the Cornerstone church youth group girls. We went to the Old Mill and like dorks got photos made. I look at this picture and think we are all such babies -- and now most of the ladies in this photo have babies themselves now! Cray cray.

I wouldn't be much of a good sister if I didn't post a dorky picture of my brothers. No idea what ages they were here, but it was a while ago, judging by that awesome wallpaper in the foyer.

College. Hair. Denim shirts, cardigans and "ironic" tshirts. College.

(Amanda, Erika and me.)

The last vestiges of Scott's lustrous long hair. This was before Stevie was a professional hair expert. I'm guessing he was just finishing school, judging by the signed tshirt look. Scott and I were only *barely* dating here. Had held hands at this point, I think. I can't believe I let -- encouraged, even -- him cut his hair. It was beautiful.

Happy Thursday, errbody!

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