Wednesday, May 01, 2013

So Long, Farewell, Chewbacca

It's been an emotional day.

Well, the emotions started running a bit high yesterday when we watched Fifi's black wrought-iron daybed leave the house after being sold. I loved that bed. I bought it when Fifi was two years old, because it wasn't babyish, and she'd be able to keep it well into her teen years. To see it go was like watching another little opening in our lives here in Scotland close up.

Then today we said goodbye to Chewbacca.

Chewbacca is our pet rabbit. Or shall I say, was. He is a sooty fawn mini lop and one of the grumpiest animals I've ever come to know (and love). Still, I've enjoyed watching Chewy skip and hop around the living room for the past two years and have felt very honoured on the few occasions he's actually approached me for some pats and attention.

Today, my dear friend Sheila (and Lolly's dear friend Eden) along with Eden's dad and two brothers, became Chewy's new family. Sheila and her husband Francis came over this afternoon and took the large two-story hutch, the box of food/hay/treats, and our little Chewbacca home with them.

It was emotional enough for me, but oh, when the kids got home...

They knew Chewy was moving in with Eden's family, but I'd forgotten to mention this morning that he was leaving today. The girls came in from school and upon seeing the missing hutch both burst into hysterical tears. I had the hardest time consoling them, for I too was feeling upset. Lolly kept crying, "I don't want to leave Scotland! I want to stay here forever and get Chewy back!" I just held her in my lap (which proved difficult as jealousy took over Jaguar and he wouldn't stop trying to push her out of the way to get in my lap too) and rocked her and let her get out all her sadness. After a while, I gently asked her, "Are you not wanting a pool in your garden then?" and she dried her eyes and said, "Okay." "And sunshine?" She smiled. And the two girls seemed to be back on the mend.

I spent the rest of the day today (my day off, I'll add) clearing out their dresser drawers and wardrobe, my dresser drawers and Jaguar's dresser drawers. It feels so close now, so real, that in just over a month, we will be leaving this house and this place behind.

My head is throbbing. I feel overwhelmed, cranky, tired and sad. I know there is much to look forward to, but on days like this, everything just gets on top of me. Add to my day the fact that the car was in the garage, costing us a neat little sum of money, right before we are looking to sell it, and then that Lolly decided to foolishly stick her newly bandaged finger into Jaguar's bathwater, necessitating an emergency trip back to the A&E again for a new dressing (wasting precious hours of clearing out time), and I just feel wiped out. I'm only blogging now instead of folding the immense pile of clothes on the couch, because I promised myself I would attempt another Blog Challenge, this time a 'Blog Every Day in May' one.

The topic for today's challenge was '5 Lines'. I'm supposed to sum myself up in five lines and include a photo. So let's see if I can do it.

In 5 Lines
I am a mother, a wife, and a friend.
I lived in the US then Scotland, and soon back again.
I love to write and draw and make;
I love to read and sing and bake.
I'm scattered as can be, which drives me (and Scott) around the bend.

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