Thursday, May 02, 2013

April Showers Bring More May Showers

It's the second of May.. and it feels like February. Did you know that traditionally, 1 May was considered the first day of summer? (The summer solstice in June being 'midsummer'.) And in Iceland, they celebrate the First Day of Summer on the first Thursday after 18 April?

And here we are, into May already, and the trees are only just starting to bud, and the lambs have only just been born. This is ridiculous.

And as always here in 'Grianaig' (the Gaelic for Greenock means 'sunny', half-hearted LOL), tha i fluich agus fuar agus glas (it's wet and cold and grey). (Why I suddenly felt like speaking Gaelic is beyond me.)

This isn't supposed to be just Spring. This should be approaching summer. So why are we all still in heavy coats, boots and, if we can bear the thought, woolly hats?? The temperature in my car today read 9.5C all day long. (That's 49F in people terms.) Yo! Weather! It's MAY, dude!

Well, complaining about it won't make it any better. And looking on the bright side - literally - in about five weeks, we'll be in Arkansas, sweating like an agateophobiac in a coalition government. Then, maybe then, we'll look back on these times in Scotland with endearment.

Or maybe not. Probably as long as we have air conditioning and a vat of ice, we'll be all right.

Happy May, Scotland. I'm off to turn the heat up higher and pull on a second pair of Long Johns.


  1. I heard Craig Ferguson say that the favorite color of Scotland is "damp". ;o)



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