Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hidden Treasure

After spending the afternoon clearing out Fifi and Lolly's room for the Table Top Sale on Saturday, I decided it was finally time to get stuck in to my own room.  Realistically, I knew it was only my bookshelf and dresser top that really needed a good sort out, but the task was daunting - probably because it would be MY stuff I'd have to get rid of.  Not as easy as getting rid of someone else's (like the kids').

It was easy enough, actually, once I got started.  I still have the bottom shelf left to go, but I got sidetracked when I found an old jewellery box, covered in dust.  It was more like an old treasure box, for inside, I found many treasures!

Here we have two of my dad's old Air National Guard coins (the second one for when he was Command Chief Master Sergeant, the highest position in the State), my badge from when I worked at the University of Arkansas, along with two 'Campaign for the Twenty-First Century' pins from that time, my Saint Agnes necklace I bought as a sophomore in high school, my 'Foxy' necklace which I wore my senior year in high school (and swore it got me better tips when I wore it waitressing), my Star of David from my trip to Israel when I was thirteen, and numerous band badges I collected in college and wore on my handbag (I wonder if that's still hip with the kids?), with local and indie bands such as Tyko, Aqueduct, Pedro the Lion, Sharkie, Pity Sing and Ester Drang, plus KXUA, the student radio station, and Clunk Records and Good Records.  Wow.

What a blast from the past!  I have a big smile on my face.

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