Friday, May 03, 2013

Friday Friendships

This morning was wonderful.

My friends from my Friday morning TinyTalk class invited me around 'to make tea for me for a change' (because during TinyTalk classes, wherever in the country you attend them, the teacher - in this instance, me - will offer you a cuppa tea and a biscuit of some sort), and when I arrived, I didn't even notice the table with the 'Good Luck' banner and helium balloon in the middle of the room. It took me about fifteen minutes after arriving to realise they had organised a leaving party for me. I was so touched!

It was really great to see everyone and let my kids (both the biological and 9-5ers) play with all the other kids, while I was offered a cup of tea and a cake myself. Several of the girls have babies nearly the same age as Jaguar, and it was amazing to see how much they've grown in just the few weeks since our last class together.

After the tea was served, they brought out a plate with two cupcakes and two fountain candles 'for all the birthday candles I lit for them' (and all the embarrassing Happy Birthday songs I sang to the mums, let alone the babies!). It was so sweet, and by that point, my eyes were welling over. Just when I thought that was it, they gave me gifts too! The girls had gotten me a handmade lavender bag with a Scotty dog applique on it and a hand-crafted wrist cuff. And they all signed a card.

The card.

I should've waited until I got home to read it, but I read it there, and once again, it had me in tears. Not only had those present at the party signed it, they'd gotten a few people from the class who weren't there to sign it too. The sentiments inside were so kind and heart-warming. I felt so loved.

I have made such a lovely bunch of friends from that group, people I will miss and never forget. My heart is truly heavy today with the thought of moving and leaving them.

Thank you, Kate, Susan, Ruth, Lynn, Morag, Zara and Elspeth (and Debbie and Yvonne, in absentia), for such a meaningful and thoughtful send-off. We really need to make sure we meet up again before June (and before our family's official leaving do' on 31st of May - hear that everyone? Mark that in your calendars, and more details coming soon.)

Now. Enough, Lori, with the tears. As Susan has said on Facebook: "No more tears just big smiles x" Yes, good advice. I have many exciting new adventures coming.

I love you girls, and thank you.

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