Friday, July 11, 2008


Just wanted to pop in and say hi before I start getting email threats from my family members.

This morning Maria, Carol and I got Cillian, Caspar and Fifi together to play for the first time in ages. They are so cute, all learning to play together and all insisting that each toy is 'mine!' It's crazy to think in a few months the number of kids among us will double. We'll go from 3 to 6 within a matter of two months. (We are all three pregnant.)

And speaking of pregnant, so is our friend Cheryl! Congrats to her and Matt. Their baby is due a month after mine. So many babies.

Fifi is napping now, so I've done some dishes and am going to call my mom and paint my nails.

When she wakes, I am going to make a long awaited trip to the bank and the post office and then come home to make dinner and pack for our WEEKEND AWAY!

Fifi is staying with Grandma and Grandpa Saturday and Sunday while Scott and I lounge by the pool at a hotel far far away.

So I should also tidy the rest of the house in preparation. But dishes are a start.

Gotta go. Nails to be done before naptime ends.

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