Monday, July 14, 2008

Dress Shopping

Fifi, Mum-in-law and I went shopping today to find wedding dresses for Fifi and her cousin Audrey for Kate's wedding. It was quite an ordeal. Having forgotten to put the stroller in the car, we knew Fifi walking around the mall for ages would be a chores so we rented one of those shopping cars kids can ride in to take around. Fifi loved it while it was moving, but once we were in a shop, she was extremely bored. She kept getting in and out, in and out, pulling down clothes, in and out, running away, pulling down clothes, in and out... it was a bit of a waste.

We looked at several gorgeous dresses at Monsoon (see here and here for pictures of the ones I could find on the site) but had a bit of a hard time justifying the prices. We decided to shop around a bit more first, and if we found nothing, we'd come back for one of them.

However, we were very lucky. We found the perfect dress (which I guess I better not show in case it's meant to be a secret) for less than half the price of just one of the Monsoon dresses - with fur shrugs to go with it. It was very successful.

I am now very tired from shopping all afternoon with a mad 1 1/2 year old running around like a crazy hyena, pulling everything off the racks. She, however, is not tired, because she got to sleep in the car on the way home.

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