Thursday, July 31, 2008

Strawberry Farm

Yesterday I took Fifi to a strawberry picking farm to pick strawberries. We went with Maria and Caspar and a couple of Maria's friends and kids. It was pouring down when we were driving to the farm but had stopped raining long enough for us to spend 45 minutes or so picking strawberries.

We had a gorgeous time. Fifi kept eating loads of strawberries, and I felt so guilty about it that I wouldn't eat any and felt I needed to keep picking more to make up for it (which makes no sense). Scott made fun of me later, reminding me that they take people eating the strawberries into the price at the end. After tasting one of those delicious strawberries, I'm so annoyed I didn't eat any!

Tomorrow I'm going to make jam out of them. Fresh beautiful jam. I found hulling the strawberries difficult, but now they are washed, hulled and ready to preserve. Yummy.

For the price of 2kg of strawberries at the farm compared to 450g in the shops, I'm getting all my strawberries at the farm until the season is over.

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