Thursday, July 17, 2008

Laundry is Boring

I'm bored.

I had a good all-day plan for today, but it fell apart. I was going to take Fifi swimming in the morning, come home for lunch, go to the Kilmacolm breastfeeding group (because my usual Thursday group I run with Mhairu is off today), and then I was going to head down to the church campsite to visit the girls at camp. But I remembered the kiddie pool doesn't open until noon, so that threw me off. So all morning we've been in the house, and I'm close to going stir crazy.

It's been a productive morning though... sort of. Fifi fell asleep in the car dropping Daddy off at work. I hoped I could get her to stay asleep and place her in her bed, but she woke. So I laid down next to her to get her back to sleep and of course fell asleep myself. We slept for an hour. Then I got up and folded the five loads of laundry that has been piling up and - get this - put most of it away. Only most because Fifi got pretty restless around this time. We ran a few new loads of laundry, and now we're eating lunch. Or she is rather. She had cheese slices and pear slices while she waited for her fish fingers to cook, and now she's eating those. I might make myself a grilled cheese sandwich. It's sort of the only thing I ever eat these days. I like it with ketchup and a mug of tomato soup.

After my lunch, we'll go to the breastfeeding group. Then I'll probably go around the shops and advertise for my baby signing classes before heading over to camp. Tonight for dinner is chicken curry (curry from a jar, not homemade), rice and naan bread. Dessert is sticky toffee pudding. Tesco's own, also not homemade.

Fifi is whiny. Spooce is just patiently hanging out, not bothering me at all these days; just a reassuring kick now and again to let me know s/he's still there. And I'm really bored.

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