Saturday, July 05, 2008

American Trifle

I think I may have shamed my mother by posting these pictures (here and here) of my house. I tried to explain that it was for solidarity, for all the other mothers in the world who may think their house is the only one in shambles. But to make up for it, here are a few new pictures of my now very clean and tidy house.

It is clean, because we had a few folks over last night for a very last minute (as in decided to do it early yesterday morning) 4th of July get-together. Yes, I realise I was the only American there. But there was a Canadian, so I sort of changed it to an Independence Day/Canada Day thing minus any Canada Day festivities. Not that there were any American festivities either, but there was a red, white and blue trifle, which was, by the way, the inspiration for the get-together. I've never actually bothered with 4th of July since moving here, but I really wanted to make a strawberry and blueberry trifle, so what the hey? I didn't get a picture of it, though. Scott dug into it before I even got to present it proudly to my guests. It didn't look very patriotic anyway. But it was tasty. We also had burgers and fries and bbq baked beans.

It was fun catching up with friends, and Fifi was on her cutest behaviour, except for the first part when she was very unhappy with me for spending more time in the kitchen than playing with her. And it is very, very nice having a tidy house with clean kitchen floors (thanks, Mom, for the swiffer-sweeper thing). Long may it continue.

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