Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Show and stuff

So this weekend has been eventful.

Tonight was our Sunday School Christmas show. I didn't realise how nervous I was until after Sunday School this morning when the kids were going crazy and going into huffs over getting called out and 'swearing' they weren't going to show up tonight. But the kids all arrived (plus a few, we had to improvise a few wise men costumes) and it actually all went off without (much of) a hitch. The angels had a bit of trouble with the wording 'peace on earth and good will to those with whom God is pleased' and ended up saying something to the effect of 'Glory to God in the highest, and good will ... peace on earth... good will to those men ... with who God...God is pleased', and they also declared that Jesus was 'convinced' by the Holy Spirit, but other than that, it was good. The only major mistake was mine and Scott's fault as we tried to lead the parents and children in some Christmas carols with the guitar and for some reason, when we started 'Oh Come, All Ye Faithful', neither one of us could remember how it went and we both started singing to two totally different (and wrong) tunes, and then we started again, just to sing the wrong tunes again, and everyone laughed, and then one of the older men in the audience began it for us in a completely different key to where Scott couldn't pick it up with his guitar so we just went a cappela. I couldn't stop laughing; in fact, Scott had to gently push me back a bit because I was laughing so hard in the microphone. I couldn't look out into the audience because I could see in the corner of my eyes all my friends laughing and I was desperately trying to compose myself.

Anyway, it went well, when all is said and done, and none of the kids huffed or swore or hit anyone over the head with a shepherd's staff, so it was truly a success.


This weekend was also Scott's birthday weekend. Today is his official birthday (happy birthday, honey), but we celebrated most of it yesterday, because today was going to be so hectic. He got The Game on dvd and Bopit Extreme2 from me, two suits from me, his gran and Kate and Faisal, two comic books he used to read as a kid from Kate and Faisal and Lego Star Wars II for PS2 from his parents. We had a very nice meal at Thai Siam, and I baked him a cake, which was about one and 1/2 cups of oil and 1/4 a cup of sour cream away from disaster. (Basically, I was going to make him a red velvet cake, but the recipe called for one and 1/2 cups of oil which thoroughly grossed me out, but I didn't have any applesauce* to replace it with so I decided last minute to make him a pumpkin cheesecake instead but saw the recipe called for 1/4 cup of sour cream which I did not have. Luckily, I had a chocolate cake mix in the cubbard in case of any cake emergencies, so he got a very special boxed birthday cake...) And today for breakfast, he got to choose what he wanted me to make, which ended up being bacon (fried) rolls with potato scones, so that's what he got. And we had cake for lunch.

Now it's time for my bed. Tomorrow is the third and final ultrasound scan to check the placement of my placenta. I'm not worried about placenta previa anymore; I have a good feeling all is well. I've been practicing good forward leaning positions to get the baby in optimal foetal positioning, and I'm feeling really positive about the birth. Only eight more weeks! That is, unless the girl likes her dwelling so well she decides to stay on an extra two, in which case, there might be words.

*You can replace oil in any recipe with the same amount applesauce, making your recipe far healthier and tastier.

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