Monday, December 18, 2006

Hot Scottish Rock Stars and Stupid Obstetricians.

I don't know which of these is bigger news: the fact I might need a C-section or the fact that I saw Stuart Murdoch jogging.

I'll start with Stuart Murdoch.

You see, I've been anticipating this for two years now. Before I moved to Scotland, I envisioned myself blithely sauntering down the street in the West End and casually passing Stuart also blithely sauntering down the street and inviting him out for a cup of tea. Yet I've worked in the West End for almost two years now and have never seen him about. His diary is full of entries about him on his laptop out in the middle of town, etc, but I've never caught him. Not in the town, on the subway, in a pub, on Byres Road or in a trendy teahouse.

Then today, the first day of my last week in the West End, Stuart jogged right past me.

He was far enough in front of me for me to clock him, so by the time he passed I knew it was him... because, you know, I stared. And he stared at me, but in a slightly 'oh dear, she must think she recognises me' annoyed way. Sorry, Stu, that this didn't happen the way I planned it. I'm sorry I didn't ask you for a cup of tea.

But thanks for jogging past me and fulfilling my dream, to some extent.


All right, so about this c-section thing. Well, to be honest, I'm not worrying myself over it. Basically, my placenta is still too low, but I've still got a few weeks for it to correct itself. The doctor doing the ultrasound couldn't tell me exactly how close to the 'os' (internal cervical opening) it was because I didn't have a full bladder. Well, geez, guys make up your mind. For my first scan I was told to have a full bladder so I did. For the second scan, I showed up ready to pee my pants and they told me I didn't need a full bladder. So this time I show up empty-bladdered, and I'm told they can't tell me anything definite because I didn't drink enough. Bah. So I'm scheduled for another scan after the new year to check up on it. And then I'll be having regular scans from then on out to ensure a vaginal birth is safe.

If the placenta doesn't migrate away from the os, it'll be a c-section, whether I like it or not.

But again, there's time. The placenta doesn't actually move, being attached to the uterus, but the uterus does expand, so the position can change slightly. If a section becomes necessary, then I'll just deal. But I'll probably cry first. I'm so excited about having a homebirth and experiencing a natural, intervention-free birth, that it saddens me that I might not get it. But again, I'm not gonna dwell on it. God is in control, I'm confident of that, so whatever will be will be.

Good news is, it's still a girl. ;) Though the doctor (what's with doctors?) didn't get that I was joking when I asked if he could just verify she's still a girl. He looked at me confusedly and said, 'They don't change their sex.' Oh, don't they? Well, that's a relief! Idiot.

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