Saturday, December 02, 2006

Catching the Worms

Hello, readers of the blog formerly known as 'Second-to-Last House in Greenock'!

Yes, we've 'redesigned'. (Scott says it's more of a 'reskin'.) I've been trying to think of a new idea for the blog for a while now, since we are a)expecting a new addition to the old scottandlori and b)because we may not be in the second-to-last house in Greenock for much longer. (Or heck, maybe we'll be here forever, who freaking knows.)

Anyway, I've toyed with lots of really stupid new names and design ideas, but none have been satisfactory. Then last night in bed, I decided on a little black bird... with a pink background.... but what did it all mean?

It didn't really mean much, but then I thought about early birds catching the worms... and how that fits in with our very near future... being early birds for a very long time, as soon as the baby arrives. So there... that's the meaning of this whole silly thing. Maybe by seeing every hour of the night, we'll catch some worms...

Or something.

Fine, it's just an excuse for me to put a cute little bird on our website.

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