Friday, December 08, 2006

A New Hope Home

I'm really impulsive.

(At this moment, you who know me are rolling your eyes and thinking, 'Um, duh'.)

I get something in my head, and I really have to act on it. IMMEDIATELY.

Take this house for instance.

It's fabulous. And I want it.

Sure it's a bit out of our price range. Yes, people are going to be clamouring over it. We don't really have any hope of landing it.

We're not even sure yet if we want to buy.

But it's perfect! I mean, really perfect. I mean, not just kinda perfect but like perfect in every way. The location. The size. The lavendar walls. The gorgeous kitchen. The Amtico flooring.

It's also directly next door to Scott's parents house.

(Now some of you are thinking, 'I knew there was a catch!')

But this is actually completely agreeable to me. Sure most people would balk at the idea of living directly next door (as in, the next number) to the in-laws. But not me. No, I actually rather like the idea. Sure, there would have to be some rules put in place - no unannounced dropping in, etc (even though we've been guilty of unannouncedly dropping in on them before), but in general, I think it would work out just fine.

And did I mention the house is PERFECT?

The only hitch is, well, the price. But surely people have bought houses slightly out of their price range before? In fact, hasn't everybody? You'd definitely think that after watching an hour of Home and Garden television.

So back to me being impulsive.

I'm afraid if we don't view this house right this minute we'll lose any chance of getting it. If we don't book a solictor NOW and put in a bid NOW we'll lose it forever. Scott says we have to wait until tonight when we can talk about it. But what if it's SOLD by tonight??

If it were up to me, I'd be putting in an offer this weekend. Thankfully it's not up to me. I don't even know how much of a mortgage we could get, or what to do with a mortgage at all, for that matter. Or how to hire a solicitor or if a solicitor is even necessary. And I don't know what kind of fees are involved. Or how long the process takes. Or when we'd have to move in. OR EVEN IF WE WANT TO BUY A HOUSE AT ALL YET.

But this house is worth it. And I'd overcome my Mortgage Fear to have this place. I'd pack up my belongings with an eight-month gestated baby in my uterus for this place.

But part of being impulsive means that in a few days I may not luv this house with all my anymore. It might get sold, and I'll forget all about it (though I might glare at the new owners when we happen to see them entering and exiting). So it's a good thing Scott's not impulsive.

On the other hand, oh my gosh what if it sells THIS WEEKEND and we totally lose our chance of getting it because we waited too long?! Scott, hurry up and call the bank!

UPDATE: Sold. :(

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