Sunday, December 03, 2006

Holy Mackerel!

30 Weeks

I'm a whale!

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant. That sounds so FAR. I mean, the 20 week numbers sound nice and cute and second trimestery, but 30?! That's like, ready to pop. Not really, Schmooker is actually not welcome to arrive until at least 38 weeks (ah, heck, we'd still take her earlier than that, but she'd have a serious talking-to about arriving to parties too early and not allowing herself to bake all the way through before making her appearance. We want our babies well-done, not medium rare. Ew. That's an awful analogy.)

Anyway, disgusting steak-baby references aside, I'm very excited about my 30 week mark and commemorated it by allowing myself to buy a little outfit (it was only £5!)

I can't wait to meet my little girl.

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