Thursday, June 22, 2006

100 Things I Love About My Husband: 71-80

As I clicked through my Bookmarks Bar this morning to read the (few) blogs that aren't access denied (but will be as soon as the "intelligent filter", ie the IT guys, discover them), I thought, "Man, these bloggers are BORING. No updates in, like, two days?" Then I realised I haven't updated in, like, two years, so I decided I better get off me bum and write something, anything.

One week today is Prizegiving. This, in laymen's terms, means the end of the school session. They have this big, showy private school-type ceremony (I suppose like all schools do to some extent) were they give kids "citizens' awards" and crap. And awards like these:

Pool Rescue Award

(...which I made, thanks.)

So the main point of this is to say that one week today will be my last day of work. Then I'm off to the States! I'll be spending two glorious weeks in Arkansas visiting family and friends, and ya'll, I can't wait. I don't know what it is, but once a date is set for visiting home, I suddenly become entirely homesick, whereas I'm fine the rest of the year when a trip isn't planned.

But the terrible thing is I'll be away from Scott that whole time. It hurts my wee heart. We've been apart before for short amounts of time but never two weeks, not since we married. It sucks! So I thought maybe I'd continue on with these:

100 Things I Love About My Husband: 71-80
71. He gets really annoyed at me when I call myself fat, because I'm "insulting [his] wife".
72. He's becoming a big help around the house.
73. He'll say "I love you" on the phone in front of his pals.
74. He lets me take the car to work, even though it's inconvenient for him.
75. He actually (for some unknown reason) thinks I'm sexy.
76. He likes to buy me presents for any old occasion. ("For going to work all week even though you had a cold" or "For sending off a poem to a competition")
77. He doesn't mind eating curry most nights of the week since it's the only thing I like.
78. He supports the right team.
79. He carries my shopping bags (even the ones that say La Senza and Ann Summers on them).
80. He loves his family and is very protective of everyone in it.

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