Tuesday, June 13, 2006


1. How can I look and feel so skinny right now, yet weigh half a stone more?
2. Why don't I have the energy or interest in fixing my hair anymore? Even blowdry?
3. Why do I keep buying fruit and vegetables when I know I won't eat them?
4. What am I going to do in the airport for nine hours?
5. Why do I have to wait until August to see Imogen Heap again?
6. Where are we going to put our new condenser dryer we are purchasing from Bryce and Ashley?
7. Would it just be easier to take all my dirty clothes to the laundry mat rather than trying to wash a load each day?
8. How can it be so warm in Scotland?
9. Why did I dream about Mrs Balgavy, my high school forensics coach, and Patrick Wilson, a totally random forensics friend, last night? And why were we all in the woods?
10. Are my cats being sweet right now to fool us into thinking they aren't trying to take over the world, just to make the conquest even more exasperating when it actually happens?
11. What movie should Scott and I go see tomorrow night?

*And just for Amanda who called me annoying, one of my big secrets is no longer an issue, which is a total relief! Less to think about!

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