Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Only In ... Erskine?

I was driving along the motorway (freeway) this morning around 7.30am on my way to work. As I pulled off onto the slip road (exit) leading to the Erskine Bridge, what did I spy meandering in the middle of the busy road but...

A highland cow (heilan coo, hairy cow)!

Hair and horns and all! Just mozying along in the middle of the street.

I carefully and quickly slowed to second gear, afraid to startle the cow and have those massive horns ram into the side of my car and possibly lift it off the ground and shake it all around and heave it to the side, and waited for it to move far enough over for me to overtake. The cars behind me assessed the situation, too, and followed suit.

I considered calling the police but the only police number I know is 999, and I didn't imagine 'heilan coo in the middle of the road approaching the Erskine Bridge' was quite appropraite for an emergency call.

I hope that poor coo (and all the drivers passing by) is okay.

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