Friday, June 16, 2006

Horror Among Sequel Horror

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The joke that once was kinda funny is no joke anymore.

Sony Pictures, that quickly going-down-hill production company which has been releasing flop after flop as of late, is actually doing it. It is actually releasing - oh my goodness, brace yourselves -

The Passion of the Christ 2.

The blockbuster film The Passion of the Christ 1 must've grossed so much that they actually did what we all joked (and seriously joked, because seriously? You can't actually do this) about - that it would be followed by the sequel.

The Resurrection will document the days after the crucifixion straight through to the ascension.

My first thought was, "Mel Gibson? I thought you took yourself and your movie seriously!" (even though I myself didn't so much). Then I discovered that it wasn't Mr Mel Gibson at all who had this "brilliant" idea or who is behind this new "serious", "inspiriational" film. No, my friends, it will not be Mr Gibson who directs "The Passion of Christ: This Time It's Personal". It will be our favourite advocat of the Christian faith, Mr Tim LaHaye!

Yes, that wonderful theologian Tim LaHaye (author of the "Left Behind" series - oh how my stomach turns!) will be directing this next major (?) blockbuster. That very serious Biblical scholar Mr LaHaye will be the Man Behind the Film, ensuring that it is a) Scriptural and b) Awesome and c) Awesome again. Oh yeah, and d) Totally Awesome and Packed with Apocolyptic Awesomeness.

How reassuring that the Christian community is finally being represented by such wonderful people and movies! Finally! No longer will be be plagued by the reputations of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell! No longer will people talk about The Last Temptation of Christ! No, my good Christian soldiers, THIS is The Sequel the Whole Church Has Long Been Waiting For!

Churches, book your local cinemas now! The Resurrection will be the next biggest teaching tool since The Passion! Unsaved friends welcome!

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