Friday, June 09, 2006

Finally, A Plan

Now that it's officially officially official, I can say with confidence:

I will be in Arkansas in three weeks.

The wedding date has finally been decided (1 July, Canada Day, incidentally*), and my brother Danny and his ladyfriend Kristen are tying the knot. I am flying out the day before (30 June) because the school term ends on 29th. I will fly back out of Arkansas on the 13th of July. SO. Dudes. If you want to see me, have your people call my people, and we'll see if we can pencil you in. Keep in mind that DEVON IS SO TOTALLY ABOUT TO HAVE HER BABY so I'll probably want to spend a fair bit of time snuggling her little offspring, and oh, yeah, of course, I'll want to spend time with my family as well, so you know, book early.

(I jest. In fact, like none of you even live there any more.)

I'm quite excited.

Except for that whole 9 hour layover at Newark... yeah, I'm not so excited about that. It's called fluffy pillow, headphones and sleepy music. Oh and Duty Free. I can spend a great deal of time in Duty Free if I absolutely have to.

NOTE: This news is NOT the Interesting Things I Have Been Thinking About And Refusing To Tell You About. That is still to come. I just can't say when or how. (OK, I'll admit it. I'm just trying to be like Murrye with her "big, enormous, gigantic, secret news that could potentially change my life that I can't tell you about yet but I might tell you later". Dang it.)

*Ashley, we'll be in touch about an alternate date to pick up the stuff as soon as Scott has gotten work off the brain and can think of a logical plan. Possibly the 30th when he drops me off at the Edinburgh airport. Let us know if that's no good. Will email you soon.

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