Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So much to say, so little time to say it...

Scott and I are about to leave for his gran's house for dinner tonight, so I don't have time to write about all the things going on in my head.

Of which there has been a lot.

I will say, though, first of all, that not being able to access Blogger from work is a pain in my ever-increasing bum.

I'll also make a quick list of things that are quick to list:
1. We are cat-sitting next week. Little Cocoa (a "cat-ten", neither a kitten nor a cat) will be packing her bags and coming to stay with Aunt Lori and Uncle Scott on Saturday until Wednesday. She likes socks and bathwater.
2. I've been a bit more broody today than usual. A friend at work got her Marks & Spencer order in today of clothes for her son, and the excitement she felt as she unpackaged each item and exclaimed how much he would like it made me desperate to have my own children on whom I can lavish gifts and love.
3. The school inspectors are currently inspecting our school. Everyone is running around like there's an avalanche. I say, act like you usually act and I bet you anything you'll still pass the inspection. The only thing you fall short in is feeding your employees chocolate cake whenever they want it. (But they'll serve you calamari. No, I'm not kidding. Calamari. Squid.)
4. The sun is now rising just as I step off the train to walk to work. In about a month, it won't rise until I'm already well-settled in with my morning cup of tea and bowl of Mullerice. And it'll be down again before I leave.
5. Since we are too po' to afford Rangers tickets for the upcoming game against Bratislava, I entered a draw for free ones. All I had to do was answer this question: "Who scored the third goal against Porto last month? A-Dado Prso B-Sotirios Kyrgiakos C-Peter Lovenkrands." Duh. [EDIT: Scott just discovered I had to pay £1.50 to text in the answer. Crap. I meant to leave that part out.]

I want my digital camera back. I have so much photoblogging I've been simply dying to do. (You haven't even seen what Scott and I got each other for our anniversary!)

In the meantime, did anyone notice that my last post was a link to a most excellent ecard?

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