Thursday, October 06, 2005

Spider on the Ceiling

I am being such a brave girl right now. There is an ENORMOUS spider hanging just above my head on the ceiling and I am not freaking out. Well, I am, but I'm keeping under control. I've decided he's asleep so he's not gonna bother me. But believe me, when Scott gets home, he's dead. It's just the way it goes.

I left the house for an hour hoping he'd take that opportunity to find a place to hide where I couldn't see him, but when I came home, he was still there, in the same spot. So he must sleeping. It's what I've convinced myself.

I cannot, read me, CANNOT believe I am on the computer when a spider is on the ceiling above me. I have really grown up. Even though I get panicky every time I look up (which is like ever other second because I have to make sure he's not going anywhere, like up my legs or into my shoes). But seriously, folks, this is a break through.

And I bother because internet access at work is completely ridiculous. I can't even read blogs anymore. All blogs, games and shopping is access denied now. I can't even check my website for comments. So I have to be on the computer now so I can catch up on some friends.

Ok, as I promised, up there is my school picture. It's ridiculous.

I think I use the word "ridiculous" too much. It's ridiculous, heh.

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