Monday, October 03, 2005

Alone in a Big Suitably-Sized, Dark House

It's very reminiscent of this time last year. This time last year, Scott was working his horrid 2-10pm shift, and I spent my evenings alone at home, lonely, bored and usually in tears. Now, the weather is cooling off, the sun is going down early, and I'm remembering last year... and Scott is back to his evening shift. Weird. Now that he's a student again, he has to work whatever shift fits into his schedule, which unfortunately means several evenings a week.

I'm a bit more together this year so I don't imagine I'll spend my evenings in tears, but after the novelty of having a quiet house all to myself wears off, I'll probably be bored and lonely again. But at least this time around, I've got a few friends and a few options and a lot more confidence. For instance, if I wanted, I could go down to the farm for Monday night Praise Night. Now, I'm still in the novel quiet-house-all-to-myself phase so I'm not going; rather, I'm blogging in my pajamas while my laundry hangs up to dry. But perhaps by next month, I'll be off to the farm for Monday nights.

I've not gotten a lot of feedback yet on our new blog-do, which I will openly admit is pretty disappointing. And one of the only bits of feedback I got was Amanda saying she couldn't see the Flash or the picture of Scott and only the top of my head. Pooh that.

Funny story of the day (which you probably won't find funny):
BACKGROUND: I spent the morning PhotoShopping (technology creates verbage) the staff school pictures. Jamie, who is a serious Rangers supporter, was donned in a Celtic top and hat in front of a waving Celtic flag with a "Mon the Hoops!" word bubble. Carol, who is Catholic, was superimposed with a Rangers top and wooly hat with word bubbles saying, "Fa la la la la!" and the caption across the top reading "Christmas Carolgers" ["Gers" being short for Rangers.] And then Elspeth, a Celtic supporter who believes Ibrox (Rangers' stadium) to be really dangerous and scary, was placed in front of Ibrox with loads of monsters and goblins and ghosts creeping about and a caption reading "Elspeth Braves IBRONX."

FUNNY BIT: I emailed these pictures to the appropriate people. Laughs all day long were had by all. But the final joke was on me.

I sent the Elspeth Ibronx picture to Carol, Jamie, Lynne and Elspeth. On the train home I received a call on my mobile.

JAMIE: (laughing hysterically) I just got your email, and I first want to say that that was the funniest thing ever! But even funnier is that Elspeth McDonald is a music teacher!!

Moments pass before it occurs to me what he's talking about. Then I realise: I have emailed the picture to the wrong Elspeth! Worse, I don't even know the Elspeth I sent the picture to!


Ok... I knew it wasn't going to be funny typed out. Crap.

Ok, I'm going now. My lack of comments on our blog's Extreme Make-Over leads me to believe you all hate me and now hate me even more for telling that story... I shall forever live in infamy. Crap.

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