Thursday, October 13, 2005

Special Announcement: The New Rule

Ok - Scott petitioned for a new rule to be made in the house, and upon observing our home myself this evening with the intent to tidy it up, I decided his wish ought to be granted for he had a good point.

"No more trinkets."

He's right, we have far too many trinkets lying around. I'm not a trinkety girl, but I've somehow accumulated far too many. You can't even see the books in our book shelf for all the trinkets setting in front of them.

I love my trinkets and don't know how I'm going to streamline what I have, so I will simply and politely make this humble request:

For Christmas/birthdays/anniversaries/Hanukkah, we are not allowed to accept any more trinkets.

I know Scott's gran doesn't use the "intercom" as she calls the web, so we will undoubtedly continue to receive trinkets from her, but for all who have access to the intercom, we apologise for being so picky and ungenerous. We love you, and we love the trinkets you have given us and would love the trinkets you plan for the future, but something has to be done to stop the mania.

That is all.

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