Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Church Signs

So I know I've been neglecting my blog lately, and mega apologies for that. I'm going to pull the "I'm immigrating in possibly as little as two months from now" card on that.

To rectify the lack of serious blogging going on (and it will return soon, please believe me, please keep coming back), I'm going to start a series I've been meaning to start for, oh, roughly ten years now.

The Church Sign Series

An old friend (okay, boyfriend) of mine and I used to collect photos of church signs. If we were driving anywhere and saw a stellar church sign with an incredible message, we would pull over (if we were lucky enough to have a camera with us - this was the 2000s, we didn't have camera phones yet) and take a photo. For posterity. We dreamed of one day publishing a coffee table book of authentic epic church signs.

Yeah, it's been ten or so years, and I've made no progress on it.

So to keep the blog active, I'll be posting random photos from our collection whenever I feel it's time to blog but don't have the time to write.

Welcome to the series.

I've just never been able to decide if this would be the first photo to introduce the book or the grand finale. I think it might just be both.

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